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SunShot Solar In Your Community Challenge

Increasing access to solar energy for all Oregonians.

U.S. Department of Energy

The Challenge

Sustainable Northwest and local partners were awarded seed funding and an opportunity to compete in the U.S. Department of Energy's SunShot: Solar In Your Community Challenge. The goal is to rapidly increase access to solar energy, particularly for low and middle income communities.

Breaking ground at Hood River's Public Works Facility
Breaking ground at Hood River's Public Works Facility. Photo by Patrick Mulvihill

Solar for all

Whether it's creating local jobs, harnessing home grown energy or advancing climate solutions, we believe the benefits of solar energy should be made available to everyone. That's why we're working to bring innovative solar solutions, such as community solar and cooperative models, to communities across Oregon.

Our team is piloting, refining, and replicating community-financed solar energy on local public facilities such as schools, churches, and libraries. Working with Hood River, Lake and Douglas counties, our team is championing emerging finance models so that all Oregonians can enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

The first solar cooperative project, located in Hood River, Oregon