What We Do

Pioneering natural resource solutions that work for people and nature.


We bring people, ideas, and innovation together so nature, local economies, and rural communites can thrive.

Sustainable Northwest is at the radical middle of economy, environment, and community. We envision a prosperous Northwest where rural and urban areas are united by sustainably produced goods and services, healthy natural systems, and strong communities.

What makes our work “radical”?

  • We take on conflict and difficult natural resource issues at the center of economy, environment, and community, requiring grit, patience, and stamina.  
  • Radical because we seek to drive systemic change over short-term results. 

We believe a healthy economy, environment, and community are indivisible, and all can be strengthened by wise partnerships, policies, and investments.

We're experts in facilitation, conflict resolution, and negotiation of multi-party agreements. And we craft state and federal policy solutions that balance environmental and community needs. We also lend expertise in science, law, energy, and other technical knowledge while mentoring local leaders to incite real, systemic change. 

Our Programs

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Sustainable Northwest works at the intersection of economy, environment, and community.

Where We Work

We're solving natural resource management challenges across the Northwest.





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Projects and Stories

We're restoring ecosystems and rural economies through forest, river, and rangeland rehabilitation, and local and renewable energy development.