FSC Group Certification

Streamlined affordable FSC certification for wood products businesses



As a mission driven not-for-profit, Sustainable Northwest has been helping wood products businesses for 20 years.

FSC group certification is a game changer for small business access to FSC markets. Groups make certification easier in terms of cost, technical support, and reduced staff time; reducing certification cost by half and certification system maintenance to 8-16 hours a year. 

Membership provides businesses access to an FSC expert. Having someone with intimate knowledge of FSC standards and updates means businesses don't need to waste time staying tuned in year round.

Thankfully word is getting out. If businesses see a FSC market they are getting involved and getting certified. Our FSC group certification program has seen strong growth in the last 6 years and members sold over $16.5 million dollars in certified wood last year. We have 76 wood products business members in OR, WA, CA, ID, AK, and MT. If you see FSC opportunities for your business, we encourage you to capitalize on them. We're here to help: 541-948-5140. 


Membership ranges from $1,000-$2,500/year to make certification accessible to businesses of any size. We can certify any facility with annual wood sales < $5 million dollars/year.


We work with the whole supply chain. Our FSC group certification members include retailers, distributors, brokers, commercial and residential casework facilities, furniture makers, design/build green construction companies, secondary manufacturers, primary manufacturers, fabricators, and logging contractors. Our expertise and support materials make certification easier for all businesses looking for FSC Chain-of-Custody certification.

We work with the Washington AWI chapter, the Oregon AIA chapter, West Coast Building Material Association, Western Hardwoods Association, and other green building associations. Ask us about association related member discounts and partnership opportunities.


LEED Construction Continues to be a Major Market Driver for FSC Material.

By 2016, half of all U.S. new commercial construction will be green buildings, worth $248 billion. The residential sector is on a similar trend line, with a projected $114 billion spent on projects in 2016. The King County Council and other governing bodies in the West are paving the way toward responsible building design and continued FSC material commitment by recently approving ordinances requiring all government building projects to achieve LEED Platinum certification.

Fortune 500 Companies Are Signing On in Increasing Numbers.

Kimberly-Clark has gone from sourcing FSC material for 13 percent of their manufacturing to 52.7 percent in the last four years. Their plans are to continue to raise this percentage to meet responsible fiber sourcing goals of over 90 percent by 2025.

"We continue to have a strong preference for FSC certification over that of other frameworks. FSC has the world's most widely recognized forest certification scheme, supported by international recognized environmental nongovernmental organizations and preferred by a number of retail customers and business-to-business partners." -Kimberly-Clark

Other resources

Northwest Natural Resource Group - Forestry Program 

NNRG is a service organization for forest owners that helps landowners satisfy their economic and ecological aspirations for their land. Through a group certificate, NNRG offers FSC certification to smaller forestland owners who otherwise would be unable to afford it. NNRG's certificate includes 85 forests covering 190,000 acres in Oregon and Washington. Visit Northwest Natural Resource Group to learn more.