Sustainable Northwest Wood

Your source for local, sustainable wood products


Sustainable Northwest Wood, Inc. is a for-profit subsidiary of Sustainable Northwest established in 2008. We started this business when we saw the need to create a market for wood products made with a commitment to environment and community.

Our distribution warehouse fulfills the mission of supporting small mills in rural communities and bolstering economic development by providing the regional building market with local, sustainably harvested, and affordable wood products.

Sustainable Northwest Wood also enables consumers to make a difference with their choices. We connect customers to a wide range of wood products sourced from sustainably-managed forests and family-owned mills in the Pacific Northwest. At our warehouse you'll find decking, fencing, flooring, paneling, lumber, and plywood –- everything you need for your building and renovation projects. And we are a lead supplier of new, innovative products such as blue pine and juniper.

For more information, please visit Sustainable Northwest Wood.

Read more about how this work is connected to our Forest program and our Group FSC Certification program.